Cognitive & Connected
Enterprise Risk, Governance and Compliance Management Application

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CORIZANCE is a unique, cognitive, and connected risk management and intelligence platform - offering businesses the capability to deploy advanced risk assessment, analysis, and intelligence solutions as needed with a scalable, forward-looking architecture that can grow as organizations grow.

Key benefits

  • Single solution for managing all non-financial risk types.  Connected view across all critical business risks, enabling complete picture of risks impacting your business

  • Faster, comprehensive & predictive analytics
    Providing teams and management with a better understanding of the business’ risk profile and more time to actively monitor and govern the risks and associated controls

  • Cloud-based, highly secured AI-powered* platform.  Easy to configure, use, and scale – supports firms in developing more effective, compliant, and insight-driven risk management capabilities.

Key advantages

  • Focus on managing all critical risks using a unique connected risk approach** – avoiding the pitfalls to your business caused by silo-ed risk management

  • Clean, modern user interface – only capturing data that is critical to managing and reporting your risks.

  • Comprehensive audit trail, with all risk information in one place – providing confidence to management, Board and Regulators of stringent risk management processes

  • Clear linkage between top-down and bottom-up risk management – enables additional review and challenge of analytics and reporting, to support decisions and management actions

  • Ability to collect and analyze disparate data - including text, voice assessment inputs, analyze structured and unstructured (voice, semantic, text, geospatial, etc.) data and deliver holistically, augmented and deep intelligence


** Independently assessed and acknowledged by the British Standards Institute (BSI)


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