Cognitive, Integrated and Unique
Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Application

Image by Lukas Blazek

CORIZANCE is cloud-based cognitive risk management and intelligence platform that offers businesses the capability to deploy risk assessment and intelligence solutions as needed with a scalable, forward-looking architecture that can grow as organizations grow.

Key platform advantages:

  • AI-enabled Intelligent risk assessments (Text and Voice capable)

  • Cloud-based, Low Code, Modular, Multi-lingual, API driven risk management & intelligence platform

  • Automated, continuous and self-monitoring business processes

  • Structured and unstructured risk data analysis

  • Identify, analyze and predict relationships, trends, exposures, and impact between multiple enterprise-wide risks

  • Effective policy and regulatory compliance

  • Easy to integrate Corizance application into a range of legacy platforms and risk with implementation and on-going business support available


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