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CORIZANCE is a unique risk management and intelligence platform for business, risk, and compliance teams in banks, finance, insurance, and high-risk businesses.


Our cloud-based, AI-powered platform provides connected risk analysis,  management capabilities, highly accurate, and holistic risk intelligence to the organizations and teams.

The 360-degree risk view enables the boards, leadership, and key teams in reducing their critical risks, increasing business resilience and achieving sustainable business growth.


Business Benefits

An advanced, integrated, and unique enterprise risk management application, providing:

  • A single platform to manage enterprise and operational risks allowing linkage between top-down and bottom-up risk assessments

  • In-built Advanced analytics providing augmented risk insights on emerging critical risks

  • Advanced risk reporting tools to enable risk manager to focus more on insights

  • Highlights adverse trends for Senior Management Risk Committees and Board Risk Committees consideration

  • Provides confidence to Regulators that a firm has a comprehensive understanding of its risk profile

  • Risk event and loss capture capabilities to inform ICAAP loss scenarios and create ICAAP operational risk reports

  • An easily configurable platform to fit the individual needs of the User firms – only capture data that is required for risk monitoring and reporting


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Advanced and Integrated 

Risk Management Services

Our single, integrated and technologically advanced platform offers the ability to configure and manage a range of critical business risks supporting 3 lines of defenses and risk pillars including:

  • Cyber Security Risk

  • Data Privacy and Protection Risk

  • Climate Risk

  • Environmental Risk

  • Enterprise Compliance Risk

  • Financial Crime Compliance Risk

  • Material Risk Assessment
  • Operational Risks (RCSA)

  • Emerging Technology Risk

  • Vendor Management Risk

  • Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment (ICAAP)

  • Other configurable risks


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